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Anguilla Awakens Again

Good morning,

As Anguilla enters its 2019 / 2020 season, I’ll be a bit more regular with my newsletters as having disposed of so many of my ancillary business (to wit: FedEx General Service Provider / Xerox Distributor / Lavazza Distributor / Bistro Proprietor / etc.) I now have more time to focus on real estate which has always been my primary passion.

With the above in mind, all indicators point to this season being very robust year for tourism arrivals and (potentially) real estate sales, whereby a looming shadow over such  optimism is the Scott Hapgood / Kenny Mitchel trauma–pls know, with my having lived on island for over 42 years, I have discerned no difference in attitude on island generally but there is a strong belief that Hapgood should face trail…time will tell how it all evolves but from my perspective Anguilla remains a very safe / crime nominal / luxurious destination.

Restaurants and hotels are anticipating a strong year whereby the increase in rental options (with Airbnb having become a particularly strong segment of the rental market) have combined to aid the islands growth and rebound post Irma–in fact, I’ve joined the Airbnb market as per and as I’ve found hosting guests to be a pleasant and profitable way of maximizing real estate value on island and is an interesting adjunct to any purchase decision made.

With regard to villa and land list prices, they’ve stabilized–after the explosion of 2004 / 2008 followed by the implosion of 2009 / 2018, prices have been reduced while demand has increased…however all list prices remain negotiable whereby I’d be pleased to discuss specifics if you have an questions regarding induvial offerings or general polices.

So, until next time…


Scott L. Hauser, Director

ProRealty (Anguilla) Ltd


Scott L Hauser

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