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Anguilla @ Revolution & Resilience

Amongst my most joyous eras on Anguilla was my first decade on island (1977 to 1987) as all of the heroes and foot soldiers (male and female / young and old) of Anguilla’s Revolution (1967 to 1969, in the main) were alive and kicking–the Revolution (which was supported island wide and was fundamentally free of all violence) focused on political separation from St Kitts / Nevis with a side bar debate regarding independence vs. continued British involvement.

Among the most prominent elders of my life in that era in were my now deceased father-in-law (Ronald Webster) who was the Revolution’s central figure and primary proponent of independence (hence his numerous titular accolades such as Leader of The Revolution / Father of The Nation / Anguilla’s first Chief Minister as well as my favorite accolade of his being Anguilla’s first and only President)–my now deceased friend (and dare I say, boat race drinking buddy, Atlin Harrigan) who was the editor of Anguilla’s revolution era newspaper named “The Beacon” as well as being the primary proponent of a continued British relationship post separation from St Kitts / Nevis…my now deceased father (Richard Hauser) who was the first post revolution tourism investor on Anguilla who (with family, primarily) built Anguilla’s first post revolution hotel (Cinnamon Reef, now defunct).

To segue from the above focus on “Revolution” to “Resilience”, all three men named above were just that–resilient, as is Anguilla itself…with Anguilla being not only politically and entrepreneurially resilient but also resilient in matters of health.

During my first decade here when there weren’t but a mile or two of paved roads with only a handful of cars / when goats and sheep took up as much of the dirt roads as cars and those walking / when phones and utility electricity were only available in The Valley / when the island’s hospital and medical infrastructure were nominal at best / when other counties with such few amenities were plagued with various diseases, Anguilla was (just as it has recently been) amazing healthy, amazing resilient–the benefits of a natural diet / hard work / decentralized living…and of being independent / tough / ornery.

While Anguilla has had bumps in its development over the last 40 years (as it will inevitable face more bumps over the next 40), Anguilla’s resilience should never be underestimated, with regard to covid or hurricanes or any other threat–nor should the resilience of its revolution and those who fostered it and those who soon followed it be underestimated either…their history lives on.

And as for an additional accolade, in addition to Anguilla’s resilience and entrepreneurial spirit, the British have been quite gracious and quite generous for and to Anguilla post Hurricane Irma and thru covid with substantial reconstruction loans and vaccine allotments for which the UK deserves heartfelt credit and thanks, herein most definitively offered.

As for the attached photos: above is Ronald Webster / first below is Atlin Harrigan / second below is Cinnamon Reef.

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Scott L Hauser

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