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Bubble Bopping

Moving while immobile
Good morning,As Anguilla (along with a few other islands, such as Nova Scotia) remains covid free, escaping to a covid free island from the apparently imminent winter covid ravages as predicted for The States and Europe must be (I’d imagine) appealing (and perhaps of paramount importance) to anyone who can conceivably get away to safety.  In the end, I look at spending winter in a covid free island less of a holiday for two or three weeks (although Anguilla is particularly joyous for any length of time) but more as an escape for two or three months–as such the entry requirements and fees along with the quarantine protocols that are in place are but a small price and inconvenience to pay for an “extended healthy holiday”.

With the above in mind, the required two week quarantine period for visitors to our shores is less onerous than it might initially sound as Government has recently expanded the quarantine concept to allow quarantined villa guests to spend time at “bubble” hotels and restaurants, day or night for beach access / pool use / dining (a policy I refer to as “quasi quarantine” or “bubble bopping”) with the only restriction being access between the villa and the bubble hotel or restaurant must be in an approved taxi (of which there are many).

Essentially all hotel restaurants and most independent restaurants on island will accommodate quarantined villa guests with a few offering beach and pool services as well–ultimately it’s only local stores such as supermarkets that are “off limits” during the initial two weeks of any stay on island but there are food delivery service options to mitigate that issue.

In addition, once you complete the access application that’s posted on the Anguilla Tourist Board website as per, a “White Glove Concierge” will contact you to help with any access or entry questions you may have–a process that previous guests have found easily navigated and essentially effortless.

With the above in mind, please let me know how else I can assist as I imagine villa rental activity (which has been fairly brisk) will pick up considerably with the “bubble bopping” concept in place and with Anguilla remaining covid free.

Please note: The top and bottom images are of the Sweet Sea Side Suite whereby the top image is the exterior living area that complements the interior living room / entertainment room with the bottom image being a sunset view from the verandah — for addditonal images and information pls see 

Scott L. Hauser, Director
ProRealty (Anguilla) Ltd
Office Phone: 264.498.0123




Scott L Hauser

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