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Getting to and enjoying Anguilla As Anguilla reopened its borders to tourists on November first, and as I fortunately had guests arrive into my Shoal Bay villa that very day, I can confirm the Anguilla entry and access process is quite painless–as such, nothing in our protocols should delay or deter your arrival. While St […]

Bubble Bopping

Moving while immobile Good morning,As Anguilla (along with a few other islands, such as Nova Scotia) remains covid free, escaping to a covid free island from the apparently imminent winter covid ravages as predicted for The States and Europe must be (I’d imagine) appealing (and perhaps of paramount importance) to anyone who can conceivably get […]

Anguilla’s Tuscan Treasures

Cliff side Mediterranean Style on Anguilla Good morning, An interesting design style that is embodied in a number of expatriate owned homes on Anguilla pays homage to Tuscan architecture, whereby the beauty of the style lies in combining “modern and classic elements that conjure up Old World Europe”.  Interestingly this motif was introduced to Anguilla […]

Gardens, Graciousness & Revolution

Gardens, Graciousness & Revolution by Scott L Hauser Painting by Sir Roland Richardson Good Morning, About a decade ago while having drinks on the verandah of a home that a couple built on land I helped them purchase two years previously, we began to chat about gardens and gardening whereby the wife was quite concerned […]

Old Tyme Anguilla

Old Tyme Anguilla by Scott L Hauser   An Anguilla Jollification Scene (Alex Lomax, photographer) Good morning, Insofar as the Xmas / NYrs holiday season is often a time for reflection, this holiday season I’ll reflect on Olde Tyme Anguilla, which I’d define as the period between the ending of the Revolution with the landing […]

Anguilla Architecture & Archetypes

ANGUILLA ARCHITECTURE & ARCHETYPES Good morning, For those of you whose email addresses I added since my first newsletter of the 2019 / 2020 season, please know that my introductory Blog (as well as numerous other articles I’ve written over the years) can be found on and is entitled “Anguilla Awakens Again”—reading it may […]

Anguilla Awakens Again

Good morning, As Anguilla enters its 2019 / 2020 season, I’ll be a bit more regular with my newsletters as having disposed of so many of my ancillary business (to wit: FedEx General Service Provider / Xerox Distributor / Lavazza Distributor / Bistro Proprietor / etc.) I now have more time to focus on real […]

Anguilla’s Glorious (To Me) Revolution / 50 Years Hence

Anguilla’s Glorious (To Me) Revolution / 50 Years Hence Anguilla’s Glorious (To Me) Revolution / 50 Years Hence The article below by Martin Hannan is a nice commemoration of the (to me) glorious Anguilla Revolution–especially dear to my heart as Ronald Webster (The Leader of the Revolution and The Father of the Nation) was my father-in […]

Goodbye Sotheby’s / Hello ProRealty

Goodbye Sotheby’s / Hello ProRealty Goodbye Sotheby’s / Hello ProRealty and Good morning and welcome to my first ProRealty (AXA) Newsletter, After 15 years of affiliation with Sotheby’s International Realty, I decided not to extend my relationship with the brand–as such I’ve built out a new (and I believe much more appealing) website reverting to […]

A Heartfelt Disclaimer

A Heartfelt Disclaimer All of the posts after this “Disclaimer” were written by me for Anguilla Life magazine (now defunct) starting in 1992 and ending in 2010 with the earliest article being the very first post with the most recent article (albeit 9 years old now) being the one right after this—while some of the […]