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Anguilla’s Glorious (To Me) Revolution / 50 Years Hence

Anguilla’s Glorious (To Me) Revolution / 50 Years Hence Anguilla’s Glorious (To Me) Revolution / 50 Years Hence The article below by Martin Hannan is a nice commemoration of the (to me) glorious Anguilla Revolution–especially dear to my heart as Ronald Webster (The Leader of the Revolution and The Father of the Nation) was my father-in […]

Goodbye Sotheby’s / Hello ProRealty

Goodbye Sotheby’s / Hello ProRealty Goodbye Sotheby’s / Hello ProRealty and Good morning and welcome to my first ProRealty (AXA) Newsletter, After 15 years of affiliation with Sotheby’s International Realty, I decided not to extend my relationship with the brand–as such I’ve built out a new (and I believe much more appealing) website reverting to […]

A Heartfelt Disclaimer

A Heartfelt Disclaimer All of the posts after this “Disclaimer” were written by me for Anguilla Life magazine (now defunct) starting in 1992 and ending in 2010 with the earliest article being the very first post with the most recent article (albeit 9 years old now) being the one right after this—while some of the […]


ANGUILLA’S PRICING PARADOXSomewhat akin to the chicken or egg trauma that has plagued mankind for centuries (as in “Which came first?”) Anguilla now suffers from a similar time line dilemma—over priced properties or an underperforming market (again, “Which came first?”)…personally I believe the chronological question is ultimately immaterial in both scenarios. Chickens and eggs are […]


THE REAL ANGUILLA?THE REAL ANGUILLA? Over the last few months I’ve found myself intrigued by the notion of the “Real Anguilla”—not with regard to politics, society or culture (which are outside the scope of my real estate oriented articles) but with regard to development and architecture…so let’s have some fun. THE REAL ANGUILLA? Prior to […]


RESURRECTIONThe building sat empty and abandoned, surely feeling forlorn if she could feel—the Grande Dame of Anguillian architecture, society, history and commerce had lost her premier position on island…lost in the rush toward concrete office buildings, small malls and beach front services. But after the fall from grace comes the opportunity for resurrection and salvation […]

The Trifecta Revisited

The Trifecta RevisitedThe Trifecta Revisited In a recent article I wrote for Anguilla Life Magazine I discussed the Trifecta I envisioned on the real estate horizon, whereby a Trifecta (for those who don’t gamble on horses) relates to picking the first, second and third place winners in a race—not an easy trick. At the time […]

Golf, Anyone?

Golf, Anyone?Golf, Anyone? As Anguilla heads into general elections (which will in all likelihood be held in early 2010) the issues concerning the golf course and resort development at Rendezvous Bay may well be a key component of the political discussions–regardless of whether or not the golf course is open or construction has recommenced by […]

Back to the Future

Back to the FutureBack to the Future With the worldwide economic recession upon us all, it will be interesting to see how Anguilla real estate fares—as a wonderful destination boasting world class natural amenities and deluxe resorts, restaurants, mega villas, private villas and managed branded communities for those seeking the quieter more sophisticated Caribbean experience, […]

Anguilla’s Real Estate Nuance

Anguilla’s Real Estate Nuance: Developing for the Future / Protecting the PastAs everyone who is familiar with Anguilla is aware, there was a substantial amount of real estate investment in marketing, construction and purchasing during the period from 1994 thru 1997—most notably in the arena of larger managed hotel residences featuring preconstruction sales efforts. The […]