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Anguilla’s Real Estate Outlook

Anguilla’s Real Estate OutlookOver the past number of years, the American stock market has been slumping while the US real estate market has been doing very well–as have all of those sectors of the US economy involved in the property process (i.e. realtors, contractors, financers, etc) with the primary reason for this dichotomy being historically […]

Boom Time?

Boom Time?Over the past few years the real estate market on Anguilla has been a bit confusing—perhaps because the world at large is a bit confusing right now…from the USA economy to the Afghanistan situation, from the Iraq War to the North Korea issue, from Iran’s nuclear program to SARS. However, while the market in […]

Expatriate Rental Right Developments

Expatriate Rental Right DevelopmentsIn the ongoing (and thus far seemingly endless) saga of expatriate villa rental rights, there is some new information to report—information that is still “unofficial” as it hasn’t been formally announced or published as yet, but information that seems to be quite reliable. In fact, a new Alien Land Holding License Application […]

Rental Rights and the Real Estate Market

Rental Rights and the Real Estate MarketRental Rights and the Real Estate Market In following the ongoing issue of expatriate rental rights with regard to the Government’s current policy of including a “no rent” clause in all new residential alien land holding licenses (a policy that precludes the issuing of waivers to those existing expatriate […]


RENTAL RIGHTS REVIEWED… AND REVIEWEDRENTAL RIGHTS REVIEWED… AND REVIEWED The ongoing saga of expatriate rental rights continues–with no end in sight. Even though Government has put some proposals forward, I understand most of them have already been revised or rejected–unfortunately, this lack of clarity doesn’t help the real estate market or real estate values…nor does […]

Thou Shall Not Rent?

Thou Shall Not Rent?Over the past few months a very important issue has been on the boil in Anguilla-in fact, an issue which has been a concern for many years: the rental of villas owned by expatriates. Unfortunately, this issue was revisited this past summer when Government made a unilateral decision (without discussion or consultation […]

The Draft Immigration Policy and Alien Land Holders

The Draft Immigration Policy and Alien Land HoldersThe Draft Immigration Policy and Alien Land Holders Over the past few weeks Government has been circulating it’s Draft Immigration Policy 2001 for public review and comment-a very laudable move as you never know where a sound suggestion might come from (perhaps even from an article of mine!). […]

Real Estate Taxes and User Fees

Real Estate Taxes and User FeesReal Estate Taxes and User Fees In a recent conversation with a friend, a number of interesting concerns were raised with reference to user fees and real estate taxes on Anguilla. With regard to user fees, utility rates were the primary area of concern-in particular, electricity and water rates. With […]


TO THE BEACH…TO THE BEACH In the spirit of this Christmas Season (and out of respect for Anguilla Life and fear of the Publisher) I’m writing this article on Boxing Day-as such, I’d like to offer what I hope is a gift: A guide on how to get to a few of Anguilla’s harder to […]


LAND OWNERSHIP AND TITLE REGISTRATIONLAND OWNERSHIP AND TITLE REGISTRATION  A disclaimer, right up front: It has been very tough trying to get consistent information on portions of this topic–especially those portions that reference inheritance and tax issues. LAND OWNERSHIP AND TITLE REGISTRATION A disclaimer, right up front: It has been very tough trying to get […]