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Modernity on Anguilla

Good morning,

One of the joys of having moved to Anguilla so long ago (43 years ago now) was how healthy but premodern the island was—no centralized utility electricity or water / very few paved roads / limited land line phone service / one gas station (but many drums of home based “gas sellers” scattered hither and yon from which you could buy a gallon or two to keep going until the lone gas station reopened for the week) / kerosene lamp lit church services by the side of the road / dust clouds and goat herds making driving slow and calamitous / waving to every car you passed and picking up anyone walking because you knew every driver and every “foot on ground” traveler—over the years Anguilla has slowly modernized (while remaining very healthy) now with utility electricity and water / cable TV and internet / paved roads and numerous gas stations … and with a number of expatriate inspired villas of modern architectural design.

In addition to the modernity of Four Seasons (which is our only classically modern hotel on island with the others being more Moorish or West Indian thematically), there are now a number of modern / clean line designed homes on island, some of which are available for purchase and rental with price ranges varying considerably.

While ignoring for the moment the most expensive of such offerings and with a preliminary focus on villas at the mid to lower price points, the villa featured above I consider to be a very nicely priced middle range offering known as Jeet’s Joy that can be viewed at — it’s an absolutely lovely coastal villa in the exceptional area of Black Garden Bay with beautiful year round sunset views given its western orientation and is available for both sale and rental.

Concomitantly, the villa featured below is a very charming home that is more moderately priced and is known as Topsy Turvey Treat as per — it’s a marvelous centrally located opportunity that has maximized its lovely St Maarten views as the bedrooms are on the ground floor opening onto pretty gardens while the kitchen and living areas are on the second floor with stunning water vistas whereby the pool is creatively tucked behind the home for privacy.

If either of these offerings (or any other offering posted on my website as per my web address below) might be of interest, I’d be happy to provide whatever additional information might be required—a pleasure to do so.


Scott L. Hauser, Director
ProRealty (Anguilla) Ltd
Office Phone: 264.498.0123


Scott L Hauser

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